Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

First Class Room 7: Prewriting Information for New Parents

Develop hand skills and hand muscles

  • Change how activities are done to encourage finger use. For example, when playing with Lego® have your child rest his forearms on the table so that he uses his fingers to put the pieces together.
  • Lace buttons with strings (Mr. Price/Dealz).
  • Put pennies into a piggy bank.
  • Play with finger puppets (IKEA).
  • Use small tongs/tweezers to pick up cotton balls.
  • Pegs on the side of a shoe box (clothes pegs – opportunities for maths counting and colour).
  • Cut paper with a safe scissors.
  • Jigsaws and plasticene.

Develop eye-hand coordination

  • Roll, throw and catch large and small sized balls.
  • Draw in a colouring book using thick crayons – encourage drawing inside the lines and scribble.
  • Pour, ladle and spoon soapy water into different sized containers at the kitchen sink.
  • Wooden blocks – set a timer. Who can build the tallest tower in one minute. This is a great way to develop hand to eye coordination.
  • Digging and scooping are also activities that require little hands to hold, grasp and utilize their eyes in tandem.