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First Class Room 7: Visit by Engineers Michael and Al

First Class had the privilege of being visited by two mechanical engineers, Al and Michael. We asked lots of interesting questions and they showed us some very interesting pictures in the PowerPoint below

Engineering Presentation 13.03.15

Questions by First Class

  1. What does your factory look like?
  2. Why are you an engineer?
  3. Do you wear a uniform?
  4. Do you have little machines to help build stuff?
  5. Where is your factory? Is it in Tallaght or Leixlip?
  6. What do you do at break?
  7. Do you work every day?
  8. What type of clothes do you wear?
  9. Do you fix bikes?
  10. What do you build?
  11. Which country are you from?
  12. Can you make counting frames?
  13. Do you like work?
  14. How did you learn to be an engineer?
  15. Did you build a bridge?
  16. Do you have a van?
  17. What problems have you solved?
  18. Do you make machines?
  19. Why did you want to be an engineer?
  20. How many other engineers work with you?