Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

First Class Room 8: Our Constructions

Who knew how much fun building with cardboard and bottles would be! In Room 8, we created incredible constructions.

We began the process of building by firstly, looking at some of the statues and sculptures in the Botanic Garden in Glasnevin. Ms Bates showed us pictures from the time she was there. They were so cool!


Secondly, in pairs, we planned the constuctions which we wanted to create by drawing up blu-prints. One of us create the Golden Gate Bridge, others created Alien Spaceships. Two children even created a large scale house that we could play in!

After spending the following week collecting our materials, we starting constructing. Some aspects were difficult but we got used to cutting, bending and sticking the different types of materials.

We are very proud of our finished constructions.

Take a look here to see us at work