Citywest & Saggart

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First Class Room 9: 2D Shapes

First Class have recently completed a fortnights work on 2D shapes!  We learned all about the square, rectangle, triangle, circle, semicircle. Did you know that a 2D shape is always, ALWAYS flat! We did so many fun activities that helped us to become shape superheros! We examined each shape and counted the number of sides and corners. We constructed squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and semicircles using geostrips and geoboards. We also folded the squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and semicircles in half and coloured them in! Do you know what shape a square becomes when folded and coloured in half? Below is a picture of a circle that the entire class made using geostrips. We worked together as a team to create a circle big enough that would fit the 25 of us!


For more photos of our learning on 2D shapes please click here.