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First Class Room 9: Interview with Mrs Allison Carter

First class have been learning all about the very important people in our school community. There are so many people that work tirelessly to make our school a happy and safe place to be. There’s Ms Doherty our principal, Karen our school secretary and John our caretaker to name but a few. But did you know that there is a very important group of people who work hard for our school when we are in school and when we go home. They are the parents association led by the chairperson, Mrs Allison Carter. Can you think of some of the fun things the parent’s association have organised for us? There are so so many! Below is a list of things that Room 9 could remember from the last year.

  1. Family fun day
  2. Design a card
  3. Shoebox appeal
  4. Write a card
  5. Valentine’s disco
  6. Cake sake
  7. Sponsored walk
  8. Shamrock pots
  9. Bingo

The list is endless! First class recently invited the chairperson, Mrs Allison Carter, in to our class to ask her some very important questions. Below is a photo of Allison in Room 8 with Ms Bates and Room 9.


For photos of Allison’s visit and of the recent bingo event, please click here.