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First Class Room 8: A Busy Month

What a busy month Room 8 is having!

Last week, we were looking at how much our toys have changed since we were babies. We each got to bring in a toy from home and show it to the class. We also predicted what sort of toys we will be playing with when we are 12 years old! That’s 5 years from now!

This week, two of our students were celebrating Eid Mubarak. Room 8 had a lot of fun decorating and colouring in pictures. We decided to give our finished pictures to our two Muslim children so that they can hand out our beautiful pictures to their friends at the Mosque.

On Friday, we had a very fun ‘Senses Walk’ around the school. We walked through the corridors using our sense of sight. When we reached the staff room, we used our sense sharp sense of smell, some children could smell the vegetable soup Ms. Bates had for lunch! Outside on the yard, our sense of hearing was used, the birds, the luas, and cars passing were all heard by our students. Our ‘Senses Walk’ was completed with the children tasting their delicious lunches before yard time.


Pictures to follow.