Citywest & Saggart

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Junior Infants Room 2: At The Café

Room 2 finished up Junior Infants at the café this month! They learnt new rhymes, and read, acted out and drew pictures about the fantastic stories of The Little Red Hen and The Gingerbread Man. They also wrote about these stories, making sure to sound out, and leave finger spaces between each of their words. Vinny and Miss Larkin were very impressed by their ‘give it a go’ writing!

Room 2 also had lots of fun ag ceannach bia sa siopa as Gaeilge freisin during their stations, and went orienteering for bia as part of PE during Active Week! They went on a 3D shape hunt in class and around the school too, and loved learning their new 3D shapes song! They made the most wonderful, solid 3D cupcakes in art this month too. What 3D shape did they use for the cherry do you think? What about the bun?


Well done to all of the SUPER STARS in Room 2, for working so hard all year round and being kind to your friends. You have all learnt so much and should all be so proud of yourselves! Many thanks to all of the super star parents in Room 2 also, for getting involved in and supporting all of our class and school activities this year as well. For more photos of Room 2 on their final month at school as Junior Infants please see here, and we look forward to seeing you again as Senior Infants in September 2o16!