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Junior Infants Room 2: At the Fruit and Veg Shop

Room 2 learnt all about the Fruit and Vegetable shop last month! They had great fun singing and acting out their new rhyme ‘To Market’ , and dancing to the 7 potato song! They read a great story called ‘Handa’s Surprise‘, about a little African girl called Handa who decided to bring some fruit to her friend Akeyo but met some unexpected visitors along the way… watch it here  but turn down the volume so your Super Star can tell you the story!

Room 2 got a surprise themselves, when Vinny brought them in ACTUAL fruit and vegetables to print with in art! They had great fun copying the shapes of the fruits and vegetables, and even got to try some during their ‘taste test’. Can you remember which ones you liked most?

Room 2 have also been doing great learning in Maths, and have begun to write the numbers 1-5 independently. They have been sorting out all of Ms. Glynn’s collections into different sets, matching patterns, shapes, and animals, and are getting very good at it!

They have been learning all about the season of Autumn in Science this term. They made lovely Autumn hedgehogs with Autumn leaves, and are getting really good at identifying the different seasons in their Autumn song!

Check out the flags they made, celebrating how unique and special they all are as children of the world  ->


For more photos of Room 2 at work and play, please see here 🙂