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Junior Infants Room 2: Fruit and Veg shop

The Junior Infants have been running their own Fruit and Veg shop in Room 2 over the last month! They have been buying, selling, and weighing lots of fruit and vegetables during their playtime stations, and even printed lovely pictures using the shapes and colours of the different foods during Art. They have been reading and acting out the story of Handa’s Surprise, singing songs about food (they really love the One Potato song!) and talking all about their favourite food.

Room 2 have also been doing lots of experiments in Maths and Science, measuring, weighing, and learning all about magnets and electricity. They became Safety Officers, investigated all the different ways we use electricity in school and at home, and even helped Ms. Larkin and Vinny to point out ways to keep their classroom and school safe- can you remember any of the rules we came up with Room 2? (Don’t put fingers near sockets or wires, and keep water away from ALL electrical things!) To celebrate all the good learning they have been doing, Vinny gave all the children balloons to make electricity with, by rubbing them off their hair 🙂

Hello to all the children in the world!

Hello to all the children in the world!

Room 2 really enjoyed having all their family members and friends in to their classroom for their Welcoming Ceremony, and had a little fashion show to celebrate the Midterm on Friday! They have been working so hard and really deserve their break, well done everyone! To see more photos of Room 2  busy at work & play, please see here.