Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

Junior Infants Room 2: Hotel Super Stars

Room 2 have been super busy in their Class Hotel over the last few weeks, learning how to give a number of procedures, checking their guests in and out, ordering breakfast, and calling the receptionist, and the porter to help with their bags! They also made fantastic hotels as Gaeilge, with their very own fuinneoga (windows), doras (door), dian (roof), ballaí (walls) agus simléar (chimney)!

Room 2 have also become great Mathematicians, learnt how to give and follow lots of directions, played Simon Says, and navigated themselves and their friends around Room 2! The Room 2 Geographers have also been exploring, using and making their own maps, and have really enjoyed hiding teddies and stickers and locating them around room 2 with their friends! They have been learning all about Kenya aswell and even made Maasai Warrior Headdresses using lots of beautiful shapes, lines, patterns and beads last week.

Room 2 have also been learning and using lots of new reading and writing skills (can you remember any of your skills Room 2?) and have even started to use the class computers by themselves! They read a great new story ‘Peace At Last’- and felt so sorry for poor Daddy bear, they made him a new class quilt to keep him warm in case he has to sleep outside again! One of their favourite new rhymes about sleeping is ‘Are You Sleeping Brother John‘ – they liked it so much in fact, that they even learnt it in French ‘Frére Jacques‘ ! Well done Room 2, vous êtes fantastique (you are fantastic!)


For more photos of the Room 2 Super Stars please see here.