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Junior Infants Room 2: Learning Adventures!

Room 2 love having visitors, and going on adventures! They have been particularly lucky over the last term, and have learnt so much from a number of special visitors, including their very own grandparents. The grandparents came and told them all about what school was like when they grew up. They did a wonderful job of answering the children’s questions, and even read them a number of stories.  Huge thanks to the grandparents for coming in!


The next visitor to Room 2 was the lovely Ms Rojak, who came to help the children learn lots in school. She even took them on a 3D shape hunt. What 3D shapes did they find around the school? Thanks for helping us learn Ms Rojak!


The next visitor the children had was small, woolly, and a bit shy… can you guess what it was? A Spring lamb! They each had a turn to pet the baby lamb, and ask its owner about it. Many thanks to Care and Cuddles for bringing it in to show us.


Next, as part of their learning the Room 2 super stars took a trip to the local café Insomnia as part of human rights month, to learn all about fair trade. Many thanks to the café manager Elizabeth, and to the mums and dads who accompanied us. Room 2 would also like to say a special thanks to Múinteoir Aoife, from Music Generation, for coming to teach them music this year. They loved learning all the wonderful songs and music games she taught them, and especially loved using her percussion instruments and fancy scarves to move to the music!


Room 2’s next adventure was to the hotel! They set up their own hotel in the classroom, became hotel managers, receptionists, and guests, and even checked themselves in and out during play time! They also designed, built and crafted their own 3D hotels- well done Room 2, what wonderful learning adventures you have had!

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