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Junior Infants Room 2: Parents, Grandparents and Pancakes!

What a busy fortnight Room 2 have had! They have been having so much fun playing maths games with the parents as part of Maths 4 Fun, and really enjoyed their grandparents’ visit to the school as part of Grandparents day. Room 2 are a very kind and thoughtful class, and decided to make a video of themselves performing their grandparents poem for all the grandparents who couldn’t make it in to visit them- please click here to view it! They were also very kind to the elves in the story of the ‘Elves and the Shoemaker’, and made them amazing little gifts out of different materials- an elf car, helicopter, skateboard, and lots of little hats and jumpers! They celebrated Pancake Tuesday this week and really enjoyed chatting to their friends about what toppings they like best on their pancakes. One of their favourite songs  at the minute is How’s The Weather? and they are currently learning how to do a weather report as Gaeilge! Tá an lá fuair (cold), te (hot), fliuch (wet), tirim (dry)!

Welcoming the grandparents into school!

Welcoming the grandparents into school!

For more photos of them at work (and play!) please see here 🙂