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Junior Infants Room 2: Ready for Blast Off!

The Junior Infants in Room 2 have BLASTED into school this term and done fantastic learning so far!

The children have been exploring the theme of ‘the family’ this month. They brought pictures of their own families into school, and have been taking turns telling all of their new friends about them! They have also been singing lots of nursery rhymes and songs about different families, such as the 5 Little Ducks , The Finger Family, and  They have reading stories about families too, using the pictures, and are becoming excellent storytellers!

Room 2 have also been learning all about 2D shapes and love singing their shape song! They have become very quick at finding shapes in their environment too, in their classroom, school, yard, and even in their lunch boxes!

They have been learning how to cut carefully, to colour inside the lines, and have started using pencils and practising tracing all sorts of lines so that they will become excellent writers later this year…

According to the Room 2 Junior Infants however, their favourite thing of all in school is play time! They love playing with their new friends, and are getting really good at taking turns, sharing, and have really impressed Ms. Larkin and Vinny the class teddy with their clean up skills! Well done Room 2, you are SUPER STARS!

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