Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

Junior Infants Room 2: There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!

Room 2 have gone animal mad! They have had great fun reading the story of The Gruffalo, singing their Gruffalo song, and making and painting Gruffalo’s in art during play time! Ms Larkin and Vinny are beginning to wonder if they are going to turn into Gruffalos , uhoh!!


They had Dr Hugh the Vet in to teach them all about how to care for animals, and are doing a great job of caring for their pet goldfish LoveHeart. They have also been doing super sorting in Maths, sorting sets of animals and shapes according to their different properties. Ms. Glynn and Ms. Larkin were super impressed with their sorting skills this term!

Please see photos of them and all their animal adventures in the Petshop, on the farm, and in the Vet’s here!  Well done Room 2, you are super stars and super vets in training!