Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

Junior Infants Room 2: Winter Wonder Class!

Room 2 have been doing wonderful work over the Winter season! They made some fantastic charts recording their favourite community helpers, and figured out that most people in the class wanted to be a scientist or a doctor, and less people wanted to be vets, dentists, or a police man or lady. They have also been exploring length, worked together to order lots of objects from shortest to longest, and made a class height chart to see who was tallest and who was shortest. They practiced lots of songs and rhymes for their Winter Concert and really enjoyed learning their Snowflake song and penguin dance!

Room 2 have been caring for their hyacinths this Winter by giving them all the things living things need to grow– air to breath,  light, water to drink, and food and a home (soil) to grow in- their plants are getting very tall now! They had great fun exploring touch as one of their five senses, read “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, and did a touch-test with their elbow buddy who blind-folded them and guided their hand into different pots of soft, dry grass, cool river water, squishy mud, cold, hard ice-cubes, and soft, warm fur! They had great words to describe what they felt! Which do you think would feel nicest? Well done Room 2, Ms. Larkin and Vinny think you are a Winter Wonder Class 🙂


For more photos of them at work this Winter see anseo!