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Junior Infants Room 5: I taste with my tongue!

Room 5 conducted a taste test as part of an SPHE unit on the five senses.

The theme of this unit is sensory perception – how the world becomes known to us is explored through our five senses. The lessons allow the children to experience all five senses. In order to heighten the children’s awareness of them, each lesson focuses on a different sense, particularly in relation to safety.

The taste test allowed the children to explore their own personal preferences and gave them the vocabulary to describe different tastes. We also discussed the importance of making sure something is safe before we eat it.

Here are some pictures of our taste test.

We taste tested:

Jellytots/chocolate (sweet)

Natural Yoghurt (sour)

Lemon (bitter)

Tuc Crackers (salty)

Ask me which one was my favourite!