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Principal: Our First Holy Communion

Hi everyone

I was absolutely delighted to be there on Sunday when some of the Catholic children in 2nd class made their First Holy Communion. This was a truly special day for the children and their families.

The children all looked absolutely beautiful in their suits and dresses. We were all so proud to see them in the church. They were fantastic ambassadors for our school as they behaved so well all the way throughout the mass.

First Holy Communion 1

I would like to say a special thank you to the parents of our 1st class children and some parents of other children in 2nd class who were not making their communion, for coming along and helping out by throwing a party for them. I am confident that next year’s 1st class parents will do the same for you.

I would also like to say a very special thank you to Ms. Whyte for the incredible amount of work she put into making the day as meaningful as possible for the children. I was speaking with Fr. Enda afterwards and he agreed that the children were very aware of the meaning behind the day and that they had been exceptionally well prepared for this sacrament by Ms. Whyte.

If you would like to see some pictures for Sunday, please click here.