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Principal: Parental Involvement

I am delighted with the amount of parents that have v0lunteered to participate in Maths 4 Fun that will be running over the next few weeks! It is a great opportunity for parents to see how their child is getting on in their classroom. It also gives these parents an insight into how children learn best and how they can support their child’s numeracy skills development.

Maths 4 Fun 5

If you haven’t already signed up, please talk to your child’s class teacher. Ms. Doherty is in charge of this over the next few weeks. She meets the parents in the staffroom before they go to class to teach them how to play the games and what kind of questions to ask the children.

Maths 4 Fun 3

The children have such a sense of pride when they see their parents/guardians getting involved and “working” in the school. Research shows that parental involvement is a major factor in the levels of success a child achieves in school.

Maths 4 Fun 2

As this is such a success, we hope to roll out something similar for Literacy and Science in the future. We will keep you posted.