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Junior Infants Room 2: Ready for Lift Off!

What a super start the Junior Infants in Room 2 have made this year! They have learnt so much already and have made so many new friends in school. They have learnt lots of new songs and rhymes including- Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and Jill, the Five Little Ducks, and are getting really good at recognising all of their shapes, colours and numbers! They had great fun exploring the school on their shape and colour hunts, and especially enjoyed drawing shapes all over the yard in chalk 🙂 They are getting really good at cutting and colouring carefully, and are doing really good listening during their circle time activities, learning about their friends, their families, and all the things that make them special and unique. Well done Room 2 on a super start in school!

Room 2 Astronauts & Vinny are ready for lift off!

Room 2 Astronauts & Vinny are ready for lift off!

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