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Second Class Room 11: Getting to Grips with Gymnastics and Other Activities

What’s new in Second Class?

Second Class have really been enjoying their PE classes for the past week, as we are learning all sorts of new moves! From stretching and flexibility exercises, to the tuck ‘n’ roll and walking the beam, the whole class has been getting involved.

We have also started 2017 off on the right note, learning two whole songs in our first week back. ‘The Green Machine’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ are great fun to sing and act out. We especially like all the sound effects in ‘The Green Machine,’ even though we’re still trying to figure out what kind of machine it is!

In History we have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell; a famous Scot who invented the first telephone. We saw pictures of some of the first telephones ever made and compared them to the phones we have now. We took a vote on the phone we would prefer and the smartphone won hands down- no surprises there!

Check back soon to follow our learning in Room 11.