Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

Arts and Crafts Club

The Arts and Crafts club did phenomenal CRAFTY creative work this term!

For their first project, they planned and made Valentine’s day hearts out of clay, which they incised with special messages for their loved ones using tooth picks! Following this, they made Mother’s day cards, frames, and flower bouquets using a range of materials and their fantastic imaginations!

Next, they took a vote and decided to make animal masks. They did a preparatory drawing first to be sure of the colours, patterns, and materials they wanted to use to make them. Then they constructed them, and selected fabric and fibre materials to add details. Some of their masks were different from their plans, but we decided that’s OK! It’s good to be creative and change your mind as you experiment 🙂

Finally, the A&C club decided to construct hats and headdresses using 3D materials. This time they didn’t do a plan, preferring instead to let their work evolve as they went… and some VERY creepy and cool alien hats emerged!


Have a look at some of their amazing work here !

Thanks to all for joining us this term, and hopefully we’ll see you again for some crafty fun soon 🙂

*The A&C club is over for this term, but we hope to run another next term- details to follow. Please note that if your child has already attended the club in Term 1 or 2, that preference will be given to new-comers first, to ensure children all have at least one turn. Many thanks!