Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

CSCNS Sports Day 2018!

What a fantastic sports day we had at CSCNS this year! Running, crawling, hopping, skipping, dancing, bouncing, throwing, catching, orienteering – you name it, the boys and girls at CSCNS can do it, with great skill and a smile on their faces!

Some children were awarded with special medals for demonstrating particular effort, skill and talent – huge congrats to these winners!  Absolutely ALL of the children should feel proud of themselves however for taking part, being active and healthy, and showing a great sense of sportsmanship at their sports day this year.

Many thanks to all of the teachers and parents who helped to co-ordinate and facilitate the day, and special thanks to Ms Bates for overseeing it all and ensuring it was a great success!

To see more photos of the CSCNS athletes click here!