Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

First Class Room 9: A Helping Hand

This week is anti-bullying week in Citywest & Saggart CNS. Bullying is something that happens over and over again. It could be somebody calling you nasty names or giving you horrible hits. It is something that isn’t nice and that happens more than one time. Ms Byrne and Ms Long have been helping to organise it and they are doing a great job. Here in Citywest & Saggart CNS we have five very IMPORTANT anti-bullying rules. They are –

1. We will include others so that nobody feels left out.

2. We will not bully others.

3. We will be buddies not bullies.

4. We will tell an adult if we are being bullied.

5. We will help those who are being bullied.

First Class have designed a ‘helping hand’. They have written the names of five people on a hand that they could ask for help in the event of them being bullied. For photos please click here.