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First Class Room 8: 3D Shape Orienteering

We has such a fun day doing 3D Shape Orienteering in Room 8! We have been learning about 3D shapes all week, and so, we were given this exciting challenge to see just how much we have learned. As it turns out, we know quite a lot! We now know that:

1. a face is the flat surface of a shape.

2. an edge is the line where two faces meet

3. a vertices is when three or more faces meet, quite like a corner.

In groups of three we set off around the class looking for coloured cones. Under each cone was a 3D shape riddle  which we had to solve before the time ran out.

Why don’t you have try at one of our riddles?

I have 6 faces, four of them are rectangular, two of them are square. What shape am I? 

The answer is….. CUBOID!

Congratulations to Ava, Evan and Arshmann who won. They had all of the correct answers in the fastest time.

Click here to view some pictures.