Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

School Values and Expectations

School Values and Expectations

Our ValuesIn 2020, the school management engaged with staff, parents and children in the articulation of the values and vision of the school. Even though our values are derived from the CNS model, we felt it important to articulate the values in the context of our own school. These values inform our approaches to behaviour, teaching and our relationships with all partners in education.   

“The vision of Citywest & Saggart CNS is to create a safe, calm, respectful and inclusive learning environment in which the school community works in close partnership to encourage children to develop the skills, relationships and empathy which will allow them to participate to their full potential in school and in society. We strive for the highest quality teaching and learning in fostering the holistic development of the individual child.”  

Our school Expectations Rules are made to be broken, expectations are made to be met! We hope each child can meet our expectations to.