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Internet Safety

Internet Safety

In Citywest & Saggart Community National School, we continuously promote the positive use of digital technology and endeavour to create a safe environment in which students can maximise the educational potential of the internet and devices in our school. This is achieved by:

  • the implementation and regular review of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • educating students on how to be safe online and when using devices
  • using a content filtering/monitoring system

We can only be trully successful in keeping students safe online by working with parents/guardians to achieve this. We urge you to:

  • monitor your child’s use of devices regularly
  • check the minimum age requirement on the apps and games they are using
  • remind your child of the importance of appropriate behaviour online
Below we have provided links(click on the print) to a number of guidance sheets for parents/guardians about games and apps that we are aware some children in our school are using. Many of these have age restrictions above their ages and these factsheets will explain why and how you can keep your child safe.
For information around setting parental controls on devices please click this link – A Parents Guide to Device Safety.
Some useful websites about Internet safety include: Webwise, Barnardos, Zeeko.

Games Overheard in the Playground

Among Us – 7+

Call of Duty – 18+

Fortnite – 12+

Grand Theft Auto – 18+

Minecraft – 7+

Roblox – Variety of games for different age groups

Apps Overheard in the Playground

Instagram – 13+

Snapchat – 13+

TikTok – 13+

WhatsApp – 16+

X (Twitter) – 13+

YouTube – 18 or Parental settings

YouTube Kids – Parental settings