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Our new student council was formed through a democratic process in each of the classrooms. Each class from 2nd to 6th class have a representative to share thoughts, ideas and feedback.

Jersey Day 2024 was run by the Student Council in January. John will explain to you who the charities are that we raised €639.71 for:

GOAL; is a charity that works with communities facing extreme porverty and crisis

GOAL Was founded by former Irish Press journalist, John O’Shea in 1977.
When he saw the plight of street children in Kolkata (Pronounced: Calcutta) first-hand.

Everyday more than 3,000 “GOALies” work to improve the lives of those affected by conflict and natural disaster.
Over the last YEAR (365 Days/52 Weeks), GOAL Teams have reached over 14 million people in 14 countries across
Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

GOAL delivers programmes in Emergancy Response, Food and Nutrition,
Securtity, Resilient Health & Sustanible Livlihoods. They also
Promote Global Citizenship, recognizing that we all share resposiblity for a better world.

I picked GOAL As a charity to research because I feel like they are trying to help homelessness, vulnerable,
Begging children living in Warzones. aswell as their struggling parents. I feel it is a worthy charity, to
talk about..
kinda like World Central Kitchen. (WKC for short)

My second charity I would like to talk about is “Cliona’s”.

The Cliona’s Foundation is a National charity with their office in Limerick.

They provide financial assistance directly to parents of children with life-limiting
or chronic complex care needs, across ireland, to help with the
non-medical expenses related to caring for their child.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and reading about such worthy charities.
Thank you


Student Council 23.24

2nd Class-  Amelia, Arvika and Anthony

3rd Class- Muazza and Vidhi

4th Class- John and Alex

5th Class- Siddhi and Muizza

6th Class- Sara and Zoe

Student Council 22.23


2nd Class: Muazza and Matylda

3rd Class: Skye and Tommy

4th Class: Jack, Kenzo and Promad

5th Class: Simona and Kara

6th Class: Cathal and Samarah

CSCNS Walk on Wednesday Campaign May/June 2023


Written by Jack

Hello! With the help of Ms.Whelan, the Student Council have started the walk on Wednesday campaign to encourage students and staff to walk to school on Wednesday. You could ask a parent to drop you a little bit away from school to get a small walk. To make your walk better the shops and pick up a healthy snack or knock for a friend. You could also scoot or cycle. Walking helps your mental health and is better for the environment. And if everyone makes a great effort to walk on Wednesday we will reward you with a pyjama day in June!