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First Class Room 8: What do seeds need to grow?

Scientists ask themselves important questions all the time. It’s what helps them to discover things. So, when Ms Bates asked us the question ‘What do seeds need to grow?’ we were so excited to investigate to find out.

We wanted to see if seeds only need water, or sunlight, or whether the actually need both in order to grow. In our class predictions, many children predicted that seeds need both sunlight and water to grow. Some of us weren’t so sure. Ava remembered a time when it was dark  and wet when her plant was a seed and yet it still grew! We needed to find out once and for all.

We began by taking turns to put soil in our pots. We were surprised that the soil was cold and damp. Once the soil was in our pots we then added cress seeds. Ms Bates informed us that the more seeds we had the better.  To try and see which factors were needed for the seeds to grow, some pots only got light and no water, others got water and no light, another pot got no water or light and finally, some pots received, water and light.

The results were astounding! All of the plants which received water and light grew into beautiful green cress plants. No seeds grew in the other pots! What a result, plants need water and light, and of course, soil, to grow! Ava realised that although it may have been dark outside all the plants need is a little bit of light and not sunbeams. Luckily enough, since we are living in Ireland!

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