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First Class Room 8: WORLD BOOK DAY!

Today we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite characters from stories we have read. Some of us were princess, some of us were wizards and witches from Hogwarts and some of us were even superheroes!

The day began with Jamal’s Daddy coming in to read us a story called ‘Whatever Next’ with us. It was reallyt fun to have a parent read to us in our classroom.

After break, we were so excited because Ms Bates told us that a famous Author Gillian Perdue was visiting us!

Gill read us her story called Conor’s Cowboy Suit! It was a very funny book and we even acted it out. After we acted out the story Gill took room 8 for some line dancing. We each were given cowboy hats and we acted out different cowboy scenes.. we even…. LINE DANCED, just like a real cowboy.

When we were all worn out from pretending to be cowboys, we were given a colouring competition. We concentrated really hard.Fingers crossed somebody in Room 8 will win.

We cannot wait to read more books by Author Gillian Perdue!

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