Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

First Class Room 9: Change and Continuity in Saggart

Room 9 have been looking at change and continuity this week in Saggart Village for History. We learned that change is change and means that something different happens. We learned that when there is continuity in something it means that it stays the same.

As historians we examined an old photo of Main Street in Saggart. We then went to visit the same scene and took a photograph with our eyes. We discovered that there was some continuity in the village and that some things had stayed the same. For example the walls, trees and church were present now and also 3 years ago when the old photo was take.

We also discovered that some things had changed in the villages, in particular the foot bridge in the photo below. We are now going to try to discover why this bridge was removed. For photos of us working as historians, please click here.

Saggart Footbridge