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Junior Infants Room 2: At school, with their grandparents!

Room 2 have been exploring the theme of ‘School’ over the last few weeks. They have been discussing all the things they do in school at the different times of day, and what they do at home in the evenings, and night time. They also designed their own school uniforms, read stories about school, and had so much fun playing ‘teacher’ in their own ‘mini-school’ in the classroom!

One of the children’s favourite ways to explore the theme of ‘school’ however, was learning about school long ago. They loved becoming historians and examining evidence and pictures of school now, and school then, and presenting their findings to their classmates!

Room 2’s favourite thing of all however, was having their grandparents come into their class to tell them about school long ago. They answered lots of questions, and were even kind enough to read the children stories. Room 2 performed a poem for the grandparents then about all the wonderful ways they like to spend time with them. If any of the grandparents couldn’t make it, let Ms. Larkin know and she will send you a video of the children’s performance! To see more photos of Room 2 at school here 🙂