Citywest & Saggart

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Junior Infants Room 2: At School!

Room 2 have been very busy over the past month learning all about school. They had a mini-school in their classroom, where they played the role of Prinicpal, Teacher, Student and Secretary, and did a brilliant job of interviewing their school Secretary Karen, asking her clever questions about what her job in the school community is like.  They went on a ‘5 senses’ hunt around the school, investigating the smells, sights, sounds, textures and tastes to be found in the school building, and even made it into the staff-room! Room 2 have also been discussing the time, and learnt some new songs (‘This is the way we go to school‘ and ‘I went to school one morning…’), to help them order their day from morning to nighttime. They have also been learning lots of new skills to help them become great readers and writers, and can now give a procedure (a set of instructions) to a new girl starting school, on how to come into school in the morning. Well done Room 2, you are brilliant students, secretaries, principals, and teachers!


For more photos of Room 2 busy at work and play, please see here!