Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

Junior Infants Room 2: Hands On!

Room 2 have had a hands on week- exploring the theme of the 5 Senses and playing with lots of fabric and fibre materials. They made wonderful textured hands and came up with a great list of words to describe how their materials felt- soft, rough, smooth, bumpy! They have also been learning lots about animals this week, the kind that are found in the pet shop and those that are found on the farm (Old MacDonald is their favourite!) and have even begun to learn about animals that hibernate in Winter.  They also made lovely ‘Guess How Much I Love You? ‘ hugging-hands for their parents, using long instead of short string to show how much they love them (LOTS!) and are getting really good at putting their hands into the mála draíochta and figuring out ‘Cad atá sa mhála?’ i nGaeilge!



To see more photos of these busy hands at work please click here!