Citywest & Saggart

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Junior Infants Room 2: Super Scientists!

Room 2 became Super Scientists this week in school! On Monday they were paid a visit by Scientists David and John (and a VERY BIG spider and scorpion!) who did lots of great experiments with them, and showed them how sugary foods and drinks like coke can stain our teeth unless we brush them well. Room 2 are learning all about living things at the moment, and are getting really good at knowing how to tell if something is living or not living- does it breath, move, grow, eat and drink, have babies or respond to the weather? They are also learning how to care for living things, and planted Hyacinths this week which they hope will grow over the next few weeks if they give them plenty of water and sunlight. They also experimented with balloons, and learnt how to charge up their balloons with electricity so they could pick up all the lovely materials Vinny left for them as a surprise! Well done Room 2 on all the great learning you did over Science Week 🙂


For more photos of the Super Scientists in Room 2 please click here!