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Junior Infants Room 2: The Smartest Little Giants in Room 2

What a busy month Room 2 have had!

They set up their own clothes shop, bought and sold lots of different types of clothes, and even made their own clothes using different types of fabric and fibre materials. They loved reading about The Smartest Giant in Town, and all the clothes he gave away to his animal friends. What a kind giant! They have been talking a lot about how to be a good friend in school too, and really enjoyed buddying up during Friendship week. Ask them to sing and dance along to this song composed by the author Julian Donaldson, and sung by her husband Malcolm.

Room 2 have also been learning to become independent, and are getting really good at minding their things and being organised. They loved this rhyme about Three Little Kittens who lost their mittens! Room 2 have also been learning to give and follow directions and loved this song In, On, Under! which taught them all the positions they need to play ‘Simon Says’!

During Literacy Week, Room 2 practiced their literacy skills lots- they love reading and writing, and are getting so good at these skills! They had lots of special visitors come and read to them too, including some of their mums and dads, some of the boys and girls from second class, and even Ms. Doherty, the school Principal! They really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters on World Book day too, but Vinny and Ms. Larkin suspect their favourite learning activity of all this month, was making and eating pancakes on Pancake Tuesday! Vinny’s favourite topping was honey- what is yours?

Well done everyone, you are the smartest, kindest little Giants in Room 2 🙂 For more pictures please see here.