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Junior Infants Room 5: The School

Room 5 have been enjoying our new topic – The School! The role play area has been a particular favourite in this topic, with the children role playing different members of school staff (Miss Mahon has been very impressed with our impressions). Below you can see some children role playing taking the rolla and doing a fire drill.

DSCN0530 DSCN0535


We have been building schools using our giant Lego:


We have also been exploring patterns in Maths. We used our new learning to create colourful patterned new school jumpers. I wonder if Ms Doherty would like them?



In Geography we have been discussing the different spaces in our school and what they are used for. We even had a go at creating maps of the P.E. hall.

DSCN0531 DSCN0532

During SPHE time we have spent a lot of time thinking about friendship and how important it is. We have opened up about our feelings when we have no one to play with. It sure can be lonely. We don’t want anyone in our class to feel sad so we are making sure that we are all good friends and that no one gets left behind in the playground. Miss Mahon thinks we are all fantastic at being good friends.