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Principal: Our school’s proclamation

We had such a busy day yesterday! After the parents and family members went home, the children participated in our ‘Proclamation Day’. It was a very special event where we proudly raised the Irish flag and sang our national anthem.

The children read out the proclamation that was written by our 1st and 2nd class pupils. This was a lovely exercise where the children thought deeply about their hopes and dreams for our country into the future. It was clear to see the impact of our Human Rights Education programmes on their thinking in relation to this. Please see what they wrote below:

To all Irish people and people living in Ireland, including children. We are asking you to make Ireland a great place to live, where it is safe for everyone.  Ireland is a good place to live but we want to make it better. 

In 100 years time, we hope that everything in our proclamation comes true. Our hopes are that:

All friendly people are welcome to our country.  They have the right to be free and the responsibility to help make Ireland a better place.

Everybody has the right to be treated nicely and fairly.  Everyone has a responsibility to help others to be happy.  Nobody is allowed to discriminate against anybody based on any of the Nine Grounds of Discrimination or how much money they have.  People have proper homes and clothes.

We have proper schools that let children of all beliefs in.  Every religion or belief is treated fairly.  In Ireland all people are able to pray or practise their belief. 

Ireland is peaceful.  The Irish Defence Forces do not start wars. They just defend the country and help people who need care in Ireland and in other countries.  Ireland stays as an independent country and continues to make its own decisions.  People from Ireland in different countries are allowed to vote in important decisions.

We call on the people of Ireland to work as a team to make our country a respectful, safe and happy place for everyone, including our pets.

I would like to thank Peter Morgan’s mother, Teresa who designed the proclamation. We will be displaying it in the foyer after the holidays when the proper frame arrives. Mr. Kinsella is organising this so I’m sure it will be very tasteful.


Our Proclamation