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Principal: The Minister for Children pays a visit

Hi all

The last 24 hours have been probably the most exciting of my career to date. I have been absolutely blown away by the reaction of the parents and children to last night’s celebrations. If anyone has any good photos from last night of the children performing, please email them to me on All of the teachers and children were still buzzing this morning.

We had invited Katherine Zappone (Minister for Children) to the event last night but she was unable to attend. However, she did come out to the school this morning to pay a visit. She watched the video with second class and they performed their song ‘Together we can Change the World’ which was so appropriate to be singing to the Minister for Children!

I’m still reeling after her reaction to the work in the school. She has worked in education for years and she said she had never seen a school like this one before. She said she will be getting straight on to her colleague, Minister Richard Bruton (Education) to tell him about this school. She wants to widely share our video as an example of where schools should aspire to be. Incredible!

It’s always interesting to see the school from an outsider’s perspective. I am just so full of pride of what we have together developed over the past 4 years. I am also really excited about what lies ahead in our future.


Katherine Zappone 1


Katherine Zappone 2