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Junior Infants Room 2: Green fingers and Caterpillars!

Room 2 set up their very own Garden Centre last month in the classroom! They became gardeners, shop keepers and customers, bought and sold lots of plants, and even planted their own Irises! They are taking great care of them in school, and hope that they will grow if they give them all the things that living things need to grow, including water, food (soil), light and clean air. They learnt all about the different parts of the plant, including the seeds, petals, stem, roots and made their own flowers using lots of different materials.

Reading and ordering the 7 days of the week!

Reading and ordering the 7 days of the week!

Room 2 really enjoyed reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar,  and talking about all the food he ate on each of the seven days of the week, before he turned into a beautiful butterfly! Ask them to sing you their song about the life cycle of the butterfly! Room 2 also painted tonal caterpillars – making light and darker tones of colour by adding black and white to their paint. They printed beautiful colourful butterflies too and wrote their names on them- they are becoming so independent! Room 2 also read and acted out the story of The Enormous Turnip, and took part in a taste test in school, where they tried turnip chips, crisps, and mash. They decided that they liked turnip mash most of all!

The room 2 mathematicians have also been learning about capacity – how much a container can hold. They have been using lots of new special maths words- like ‘estimate’, ‘pour’, ‘full’ and ‘empty’, ‘most’ and ‘least’. They have been doing lots of experimenting with water, soil, sand, and seeds, estimating how many containers it will take to fill another,  and ordering them from empty to full. Room 2 even made and ordered fish tanks for their class fish Loveheart and Sophie! Well done Room 2 on another super month of learning 🙂

Click here to see some photos of them busy at work and play!