Citywest & Saggart

Community National School

Senior Infants Room 4: The Post Office

We loved learning all about the Post Office. We had great fun writing and delivering  letters, all around the school, during playtime. In maths, we learned about heavy and light parcels. We learned how to use a balance weighing scales, it reminded us of a see-saw. We read a story called the Jolly Postman and learned about all the different Fairytales in the story. We enjoyed listening to some Fairytale songs by “Debbie and Friends” during lunchtime. Here is a link to the channel.  Our trip to the Post Office was amazing! We had so much fun walking down to the shopping centre, seeing the postbox and handing in our letters. Then we got to go underground and into the secret room with all the security Guards. They allowed each of us have a turn controlling the cameras. A big thank you to Edelle’s Mother and Grandmother for coming on the trip with us. Have a look at our pictures here.