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Junior Infants: School Tour At Imaginosity!

The Junior Infants from Rooms 1, 2 and 5 had a fantastic time on their very FIRST school tour! Yesterday morning, they left the school and went on two big buses all the way out to…. Imaginosity! When they got there, they got to play in all of the different play areas including at the garage, the super market and the doctor’s surgery. They even read the news at their own broadcasting station, and dressed up at the theatre!


The Junior Infants were so well behaved and played so nicely with all of their friends and the toys at Imaginosity, that a lady actually stopped the teachers to ask what school they were from, and to tell them how impressed she was! All of the teachers and parents were very proud. Well done again to all of the SUPER STAR Junior Infants, and many thanks to all of the parents who ensured the tour was such a great success!

To see more photos of the Junior Infants at Imaginosity please see here.