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20th January 2014 Save Our Uniform!

“Save Our Uniform”

The Parents Association met on Tuesday 14th January 2014 for our monthly meeting and we took time to discuss the options given to us as parents regarding School Uniforms. We wanted to share our thoughts with you, hope you agree.

Part 1 – Do you want a school Uniform in the school?

We were all in agreement that we like having a school uniform

  • You know what your child will wear each day
  • You don’t have to worry about buying new clothes for school
  • All the children look the same and don’t have to compete

Part 2 – Choices that could impact on expense

  • Again we were all in agreement to purchase uniform from clothiers
  • The quality of the jumper, tie and are very high and great value for money
  • The jumper is lasting very well with washing
  • The colours of the uniform are quiet unique and very attractive
  • Buying cheaper alternatives in other shops can end up being more expensive as the quality does not last and more purchases need to be made over the year
  • Buying from various shops may result in various shades and take away from the great look of the uniform
  • Adding the crest ourselves may result in various positions of the crest on the jumpers again taking away from the great look of the current uniform

Part 3 – School blazers and Tracksuit

Would you like a blazer?

  • Not seen as necessary
  • Would be another expense

Tracksuits – Again we were all in agreement to purchase tracksuits from clothiers for the same reasons as the Uniform (jumper and tie) above.